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Tips for Taking Care of Patients With Dementia

Tips for Taking Care of Patients With Dementia

Dementia is one of the principal reasons why an individual needs the help of non-medical home care services. This progressive brain disease takes away some of the skills necessary for a person to continue living independently and will need someone to keep an eye on them.

It is, however, also a fact that a home care service for people with dementia can be quite challenging. One of the hallmarks of dementia is severe behavioral changes, which can make life a little difficult for the family and the caregiver.

Of course, rendering personal care in North Carolina for dementia patients is not an impossible task. You’d only need to know how you can manage the person’s behavioral swings. Here are some tips to bear in mind:

  • Establish a schedule for tasks. However, put some allowance as some tasks may take longer than expected to accomplish.
  • Communicate your instructions clearly to the patient, using simple language to avoid confusion and frustration. These two feelings can lead to mood swings in the patient.
  • Put the person with dementia to work. Let them dress independently, for instance, but provide visual cues that they can understand or infer.
  • Limit the number of distractions from the surroundings. This will help the person focus on what he or she is doing and prevent aggressive behavior.

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