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Repercussions of Not Observing Proper Hygiene

Repercussions of Not Observing Proper Hygiene

One reason why a person would need non-medical home care services is the inability to do some tasks, like hygiene. A bedridden person, for example, will definitely be unable to look after his own hygiene. Thus, he will need somebody to do that for him.

It’s very important that, in a case like that, a person secures the services of a caregiver. Failure to observe proper hygiene can have severe repercussions on the individual’s health and wellness. Thankfully, those effects can be avoided by simply giving the task over to a caregiver providing home care in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Here are some of the possible side effects of failing to observe proper hygiene:

  • Bacteria that get left in the body can lead to body odor, leading to poor self-esteem and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.
  • The patient could suffer from severe skin diseases and fungal infections
  • The patient could get sick from bacteria and viruses that enter his body

It’s easy to see the importance of personal care in North Carolina for patients with mobility problems or the inability to address these issues independently.

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