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A Body Without Exercise


Exercise involves bodily movement and physical activity that increases heart rate, which promotes the healthy flow of blood around the body. It is vital to our everyday lives, and yes, seniors need exercise, too! In fact, they need it more than ever to prevent numerous health risks. However, with their old age and weaker bodies, exercise can be tricky, and this is where non-medical home care services come in.

A body without exercise is more at risk of complications such as strokes, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and even mental illnesses. Plus, the body will become deconditioned. Therefore, resulting in weakened muscles, lack of strength and endurance, and without the strength and endurance to move, this will then lead to muscle atrophy.

With the importance of exercise, especially to people in their twilight years, the best way to keep a senior in good shape is to avail personal care in North Carolina, and in Changing Lives Homecare, our caregivers are specially trained for assisting with exercise.

If your senior is lacking physical fitness, let us help you! Our specialized care for any elderly patient is particularly handy for delicate circumstances where they already lack mobility.

If you’re ready to give your loved one a healthy and more fulfilling life in retirement, feel free to call us anytime! You may also visit us for assessments if you are looking for assistance and exemplary home care in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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