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Problems of the Nervous System in the Elderly


The brain and nervous system control our movements, senses, thoughts, and memories. They also help control our organs, such as the heart and bowels. Nerves all over the body are the pathways that carry signals to and from the brain and the rest of the body.

However, as we age, these go through natural changes. The brain and spinal cord lose nerve cells and weight. Waste products and other chemicals can also collect in the brain tissue when nerve cells break down. This can cause abnormal plaques and tangles. The breakdown of nerves can also affect our senses, leading to problems with movement and safety. This then makes living assistance of seniors a need.

The slowing of thought, thinking, and memory is normal in aging. However, there may be cases that serious problems of the nervous system can arise.

Dementia and severe memory loss, for instance, are not a normal part of aging. These are caused by brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Another problem is delirium. This is the sudden confusion that leads to changes in thinking and behavior. While it involves brain function, delirium is often due to illnesses that are not related to the brain. When a senior suffers from these kinds of conditions, medical and non-medical home care services are advised because their safety becomes compromised.

Poorly controlled diabetes may also lead to thinking and behavior problems. If you notice changes in memory, thought, and ability to perform tasks in your senior loved one, be sure to consult a doctor immediately. You can also avail yourself of our personal care in North Carolina. With our service, your seniors can be safe.

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