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Improving a Senior’s Life Through Fun Activities


Elderly people living with disabilities or mobility issues often struggle to accomplish self-care and household tasks. This can affect their mental and physical health. But the most common consequence is loss of self-esteem and isolation. This may result in helplessness and/or depression for lack of independence and social interaction. They are more likely to remain at home and have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases due to lack of physical activity.

Thus, trying various fun activities can help improve their quality of living and allow them to create new relationships. Here are some recreational activities that can boost a senior’s mood without the need of moving around too much:

  • Learning how to paint or taking dance and music lessons
  • Reading new materials and writing short articles
  • Doing simple stretching exercises or light yoga
  • Simple gardening at home

With our companion services, we can help your loved ones enjoy all these activities. We can be their warm and friendly companion that will always be by their side anytime and anywhere.

Changing Lives Homecare offers home care in Jacksonville, North Caroline to seniors and individuals with disabilities, mobility issues, or illnesses. We deliver our quality services inside the comforts of your home together with our trained and competent staff members.

With our provision of personal care in North Carolina, we ensure to provide exceptional care services that will cater to you and your loved one’s unique personal and health needs.

For further inquiries regarding our non-medical home care services, you may visit our website at http://changinglivesnc.com/, or give us a call at 910-294-8957.

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