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Improving a Senior’s Golden Years Through Walking


A lot of aging adults experience limitations in physical and mental functions. Their advanced age and pre-existing medical disorders may make it difficult for them to eat the meals they used to enjoy and participate in the activities they used to love doing. They also have a limited number of workout options.

Home care in Jacksonville, North Carolina is a specialty of Changing Lives Homecare. We provide a variety of services aimed at improving the lives of older adults with medical conditions. One of our main objectives is to keep our patients healthy. We help motivate them to exercise, feed them healthy meals, and provide personal care. Walking is one of our favorite activities.

There are numerous advantages to walking. It is a good cardio workout that improves bone and muscular health. It’s also low-impact, so it’s suitable for the elderly. There are senior walking organizations in many cities, where persons of a certain age take walks through parks and attractive sights to exercise and enjoy themselves. Those who do not fit in with groups and have more mobility issues can use services on personal care in North Carolina to get assistance in walking.

We show true warmth and respect to our patients. We also feature a diverse selection of non-medical home care services. This way we can provide what our patients need exactly.

To learn more about our home health care services and our core values, feel free to visit our website or contact us.

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