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Caregiving Tips: Ways to Support Dementia Patients

Caregiving Tips: Ways to Support Dementia Patients

Do you have loved ones who are suffering from dementia? Prepare for the caregiving road ahead with this simple guide below.

  • Educate yourself
    The more knowledge you have about dementia, the better you’ll be able to provide non-medical home care services and anticipate the challenges in the future. To reduce your frustration and support your loved one’s independence and self-care, you may also seek professional assistance from caregivers.
  • Build a support plan
    Taking care of a loved one can be daunting and overwhelming but with the right support plan, you can also take care of yourself. Balancing your responsibilities and personal life could be a challenge but if you’re not getting the emotional support you need, you will be neglecting your welfare in the long run. Hiring an aide will also help in easing your tasks and alleviating your stress.
  • Develop a routine
    Establishing a routine can help in personal care in North Carolina. Your loved ones will slowly adhere to healthy practices once you start a routine in taking care of them. Prepare healthy meals, walk with them in the park, exercise regularly, and don’t forget to look after their mental health.

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